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Pool & Garden Services

We provide an excellent service to ensure that your pool and your garden are well managed and well maintained, are kept neat and tidy and looking good.

If we manage your pool and garden it means we can respond immediately to any issues without having to rely on the scheduling of a third party company. We can also work around guests and your own visits so there is minimum disturbance from pool or garden maintenance work while you are here. 

Water bills arrive two months in arrears and it is very easy for villa owners to spend a huge amount on water due to the pricing policy of local water suppliers.   The water is charged according to 'bands' and the more water that is consumed the higher the price per cubic meter.  We keep a very close check on water consumption by reading the water meter every week for every villa.   This enables us to keep your water bills under control and also to spot leaks in the pool or irrigation.  During wet periods we have the irrigation turned off.

We have a separate information document about this which contains all the details of this service. Please contact us for more information about pool and garden services. 


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